Cardio workout for your legs

By now I think we have all established that weight only workouts are not my favourite thing. However, it is still nice to have sessions focused on one muscle group, because it is easier to track progress and you often feel really good the next day (or potentially a bit sore, depending on the intensity of the workout). Lately I have desognated one day a week to specifically focus on using the weight machines and free weights to tone up my back and arms. So why not have a day focusing on legs but with infused with cardio?

Cardio/leg workout:

I start by using the rowing machine for 20 minutes this is broken down as follows.

  • 5 minutes low intensity.
  • 5 minutes higher intensity.
  • 1-2 minutes rest (drink water).
  • 5 minutes high intensity.
  • 5 minutes low intensity.

This type of activity should really work your legs, the key is to get the right type of rowing technique. I will briefly try to explain in words what you roughly should be doing but I will also include some good youtube links below to visually see what you should be doing!

Alright here it goes, try to tense your core muscles to prevent any back injuries. your arms shouldn’t have any real movement until your legs are almost full extended. you should pull the handle up until above your belly button and slightly lean back. You should try to tuck your elbows in a bit and avoid making frog legs as this can hurt your knees. In case that was horribly confusing here are some helpful visual links:

Next, I do 3 sets of 10 reps on leg press (I am lifting 55kg at the moment).

Followed by, 15 minutes on the step mill, with every 3 minutes doing 1 minute of leg raises, missing out one step.

To finish I do 3 sets of 10 reps of squats and 3 sets of 10 rep stationary lunges.


Happy leg day!

I hope this workout is useful, let me know what you think 🙂

Be happy, Be confident

Abs xox

Do I do cardio on leg and arm day? 

Those of you who know me well, will know that I absolutely love cardio! I think its amazing, it gives you time to think, make plans, listen to music, release endorphins, sweat out toxins and keep you healthy all the the same time! However in my gym routine I still make time for leg and bum day, and arm, chest and back day. During these sessions I still make time for some light cardio, not only because cardio is awesome but I find it gives you time to stretch out, refocus and plan the rest of the session or make alterations in your set. That is another thing I would like to mention, my sessions are never set in stone and my sets are always flexible and depend on how i’m feeling that day. Theres no point pushing a muscle group too far and pulling muscles or over exerting yourself! Therefore, on leg and arm day, I do 10 minutes, with interval sprints on the rowing machine to really warm up, and then every few excercises or inbetween the use of the weight machines, I do 3-5 minutes again on the rowing machine and then 5 minutes to cool down at the end, followed by stretching of course! 

I hope I have thoughly answered my question 🙂 please don’t hesitate anyone to ask me more 🙂

Be Confident be happy

Abs xox 

Are body shapes fashionable?

Hello everyone, this weeks point of discussion is fashion trends in relation to body shapes. While growing up it seemed that a boyish, tall very slender physique was fashionable, however, nowadays everyone seems to be striving for a large behind and a tiny waist! Even though it is possible to focus on a certain muscle groups in the gym , it is important to remember that everyone has their own unique natural body type. For example, for me personally it seems that no matter how often I do leg day or however many squats I do, I will never get a Kardashian style behind and that is because I naturally have very low levels of fat deposit in that area and it seems hard to build up that muscle group. On the other-hand, after loosing a bit of weight, I quite easily obtained a thigh gap, this was not because I was starving myself or loosing muscle on my quads, but a result of my naturally wide hips, making my leg bones quite far apart. Therefore, you should focus on getting in shape and healthy, for your own natural body type and remember that most celebrities with large boobs and bum may have undergone plastic surgeries! I may not be able to beat Nicki Minaj in a twerking competition but I feel strong and healthy, and could probably beat her in a running race. In the gym try not to obsess over working one muscle group or doing one activity, chances are you will over work the muscle group, and rest is needed for the muscle strain to repair and grow anyway. Try to switch up your activities and have fun, for instance try doing cardio with a friend and have a catch up while you work out, you might not necessarily be working as intensely as an individual session but its healthy to socialise and motivate each other. To finish I would like to give you some motivation of my own with a lil before and after…..


Be confident, Be happy

Abs xox