Energy Ball RecipeĀ 

Here is my recipe for energy balls, a great pre workout snack, or just a snack to curb your appetite. They are also bitesize, filling and fun to eat.

Here is the basic recipe , then add the filling, i have listed ideas for healthy combinations below:


150g rolled oats

4 tbs peanut butter or honey

1 scoop protein powder

4 tbs milk (soya/almond)

1 tbs cocopowder (optional)

Add together and mix with your hands rolling into small balls, place in cupcake case then freeze for 5 minutes until they hold their shape, then they are all ready to eat! 

Filling ideas:

Seed mix

Chopped dates

Chopped figs

Chopped apricots

Dried mango

Crushed nuts

Gogi berries


Ground almonds 

I store my energy balls in the freezer and get them out to defrost or sometimes pop them in the microwave for 30 seconds to heat them up as this makes a good bedtime snack!

Let me know what combinations you have tried out, would love to try them too!