#54 Daily Inspiration

For a quick meal with 0 meal prep, try tinned bean, lentils, tinned veg such as sweetcorn or peas, mixed with packeted pasta sauce. Serve this medley with heated packeted grains. Its a good idea to keep these tinned/ packeted foods in case you come home tired, anddon’t  want to get a takeaway/ eat unhealthily. Its a good idea to freeze meals such as homemade soups or cottage pie ect. But these take longer to defrost! 


Christmas leftovers (The good ones) 

Day one of my fitness kick went really well, I started the day by weighing myself and noting down my measurements (waist, hips and thighs) in order to set new goals. For breakfast I had fruit and yogurt followed by a protein shake pre workout. In the gym today I set a new goal of working up to a 45 minute run outside or on the treadmill. For lunch I had the other half of my boxing day salmon, pan fried with vegetables and homemade cranberry sauce. Then for dinner I had more vegetables, a large portion of boiled kale with 3 scrambled eggs (no yolks mixed with soya milk)

For a betime  snack, I am going to opt for chopped fruit with a handful of dried fruit and nuts with a chocolate oveltine drink to stop my sweet tooth craving! 

Let me know your healthy Christmas leftover combinations!  

1 Day Detox 

Sometimes after a week or a few days of having a reasonably unhealthy diet, I find that having a day of sticking to really healthy stuff gets me back into the swing of making the right food choices.

See below todays 1 Day Detox:


Smoothie: 1/2 banana, 1/2 avocado, drizzle of honey and soya milk blended.


1 cup of green tea and 1 piece of fruit.


salad, with tuna/chicken/quorn, and mixed nuts. 

Afternoon snack:

Vegetable sticks and humous.


pan grilled chicken/ salmon/ quorn alternative, with boiled kale, and boiled cabbage. 

Bedtime snack:

Chopped apple with peanut butter.

I hope you find this way of staying on track helpful, let me know what you think,

Be confident, be happy

Abs xox