#54 Daily Inspiration

For a quick meal with 0 meal prep, try tinned bean, lentils, tinned veg such as sweetcorn or peas, mixed with packeted pasta sauce. Serve this medley with heated packeted grains. Its a good idea to keep these tinned/ packeted foods in case you come home tired, anddon’t  want to get a takeaway/ eat unhealthily. Its a good idea to freeze meals such as homemade soups or cottage pie ect. But these take longer to defrost! 


Can you be healthy at a hotel? 

Over the weekend, I spent a few nights in the Hallmark hotel in Cambridge. Everyday, I used the gym facilities to do my normal workout, and swam lengths for about 15minutes to half an hour. So I wasn’t worried about not keeping my fitness up! My main concern was eating out and not binging of fatty foods and carbs just because I was in a holiday setting! However, on the first day I was greeted by vegan afternoon tea which was very nice and still healthy! I had a few salad sandwiches with wholemeal bread, and they had used green pesto instead of butter, which I think was a really good idea, as it kept moisture! I also had, strawberries and cut up granola bar.

From the breakfast buffet each morning, I was very pleased with all the healthy options available to me to choose from. There was a lovely selection of fruit and berries and I topped these with pumpkin seeds and dried fruit!
For my included three course meal on one of the evenings, I opted for the tomato soup for a starter which included no milk or cream, and asked them not to bring it out with bread. This way I was not tempted to eat it and it didn’t go to waste. For main I had a lovely quinoa salad, which had a lovely twist as it had rosted butternut squash and pomegranate. For desert I went for the fruit salad and asked for no cream/ ice cream, a sweet way to end my lovely meal.

Overall, all the staff were really nice and accomidating and even gave me a jug of soya milk each night so I could have a hot drink in my hotel room before bed 🙂

So there you go… it is possibly to stay healthy in a hotel!

Stay motivated

Abs xox

Christmas leftovers (The good ones) 

Day one of my fitness kick went really well, I started the day by weighing myself and noting down my measurements (waist, hips and thighs) in order to set new goals. For breakfast I had fruit and yogurt followed by a protein shake pre workout. In the gym today I set a new goal of working up to a 45 minute run outside or on the treadmill. For lunch I had the other half of my boxing day salmon, pan fried with vegetables and homemade cranberry sauce. Then for dinner I had more vegetables, a large portion of boiled kale with 3 scrambled eggs (no yolks mixed with soya milk)

For a betime  snack, I am going to opt for chopped fruit with a handful of dried fruit and nuts with a chocolate oveltine drink to stop my sweet tooth craving! 

Let me know your healthy Christmas leftover combinations!