#56 Daily Inspiration

Try dry frying cashew nuts and adding them to your vegetables for a nice crunch!  


All inclusive Thomson cruise (Aegean Titans)

Hello everyone,

I am very delighted to say that I am lucky enough to post to you from a lovely thompson cruise which has currently stopped in Turkey! Todays post is dedicated to tips on how to survive an all inclusive holiday without eating your body weight in food, but still enjoying the lovely delights on offer (aswell as the sun and sights obviously!) My days have been starting off with a buffet breakfast, which can be an absolute mind field when trying to stay healthy. My tip is, think about what you would usually eat. Do you really need 7 pastries to survive until lunch? I stuck to what I usually have, fruit salad, dates, dried fruit and seeds topped with jam. I have to say I think I am getting peanut butter withdrawals, and may have to buy some tomorrow when we stop off in Greece! There is also lots of other healthy choices you can make such as muesli or cooked scrambled eggs and tomatoes. For lunch there is a buffet as well. This is alot easier to stay healthy as their are loads of choice in terms of salads and veg, so you can really get creative. Before dinner I have been attending the gym, but not doing anything too strenuous as I have been out in the sun all day. However I have been really enjoying myself doing cardio circuits, somthing I will definitely adopt when I get home, sadly minus the nice sea view :(. My circuits have included timed intervals of low intensity, cycling, cross-trainer, running and rowing machine. Finally for dinner I have been attending the waiter service resturant, where the head waiter (shout out to the lovely Herbert) has been very accommodating. I have been served 3 vegan courses every night, which have been very diverse from tofu and stir fried veg to tempura. I have been avoiding drinking wine with meals ect. Beacuse its calorific and I want to be able to enjoy the sights the next day!! But I have been enjoying the odd cocktail in the evening with thenighttime entertainment 🙂

*A side note from being super healthy, my mum organised a surprise birthday cake for me when I was on the cruise (100% vegan) and it was absolutely delightful as well as the staff singing abi-birthday which was very entertaining! Due to the fact I couldn’t take the cake on the plane back and was determined not to let it go to waste I basically had half the cake for my dinner and breakfast the next day hahaha. I will post a picture of my cake on my instagram so you can have a look 🙂

Happy making healthy choices!

Stay happy, stay confident

Abs xox       

Cardio workout for your legs

By now I think we have all established that weight only workouts are not my favourite thing. However, it is still nice to have sessions focused on one muscle group, because it is easier to track progress and you often feel really good the next day (or potentially a bit sore, depending on the intensity of the workout). Lately I have desognated one day a week to specifically focus on using the weight machines and free weights to tone up my back and arms. So why not have a day focusing on legs but with infused with cardio?

Cardio/leg workout:

I start by using the rowing machine for 20 minutes this is broken down as follows.

  • 5 minutes low intensity.
  • 5 minutes higher intensity.
  • 1-2 minutes rest (drink water).
  • 5 minutes high intensity.
  • 5 minutes low intensity.

This type of activity should really work your legs, the key is to get the right type of rowing technique. I will briefly try to explain in words what you roughly should be doing but I will also include some good youtube links below to visually see what you should be doing!

Alright here it goes, try to tense your core muscles to prevent any back injuries. your arms shouldn’t have any real movement until your legs are almost full extended. you should pull the handle up until above your belly button and slightly lean back. You should try to tuck your elbows in a bit and avoid making frog legs as this can hurt your knees. In case that was horribly confusing here are some helpful visual links:

Next, I do 3 sets of 10 reps on leg press (I am lifting 55kg at the moment).

Followed by, 15 minutes on the step mill, with every 3 minutes doing 1 minute of leg raises, missing out one step.

To finish I do 3 sets of 10 reps of squats and 3 sets of 10 rep stationary lunges.


Happy leg day!

I hope this workout is useful, let me know what you think 🙂

Be happy, Be confident

Abs xox

Miraculous Mug Cake

Inspiration for today’s recipe is a result of my essay induced snack cravings. I’m sure you have all experienced a sweet tooth craving while you are studing, are relaxing after work or 3 hours in to a movie marathon. Instead of binging out on unhealthy snacks, behold at my yummy warm cake in a mug.


1 scoop banana protein powder

1 scoop self raising flour

1 teaspoon coconut oil

1/4 teaspoon baking powder

Enough soya milk to make the mixture stir-able

A handful of chopped dates

Myprotein syrup

Add a some syrup to the bottom of a mug, then add all the other ingredients to the mug and stir to a smooth consistency. Microwave for 2-3 minutes until cooked through. Drizzle syrup on top then enjoy!

Be Confident, be happy

Abs xox