“What actually is that though?”

In light of my recent veganism, my diet has definitely changed and I have been trying lots of new foods. For example, depicted bellow is a standard meal for me; cous cous, tofu, veg and humous.  I also am also a liquorish fanatic, and I frequently get asked stuff like “I know that’s liquorish, but what actually is that though?” Therefore, I have put together some facts to answer questions that you prehaps have, or have possibly never thought of. 

1. What is tofu? 

Tofu is condensed soy milk, squished into white blocks.

2. What is liquorish? 

Actual liquorish flavouring is from the root of the Glycyrrhiza glabra plant (what a mouthful). But the squishy stuff you can buy from health food shops is made up of Molasses syrup, wheat flour and the root extract. 

3. What is Quorn? 

Quorn contains mycoprotein which is derived from fungus (yum) and can be grown by fermentation on garbage basically (extra yum) which is sustainable I guess. 

4. What is Quinoa 

Firstly, for my own benefit you pronounce quinoa like keen-wa, bit of a personal reminder since I always pronounce it horribly wrong. Anyway, quinoa is actually the starchy seeds of a plant in the goosefoot family. Quinoa is also a super crop because its totally awesome and contains all of the essential amino acids and has a really long list of health benefits. 
I hope you have enjoyed learning some food facts, yay learning fun. Have a nice day

Abs xox


Becoming a Vegan 

​As of this week I have finally decided to become a vegan after weaning myself of dairy gradually as I do not agree with the dairy industry’s methods ect ect. However this blog post is not dedicated to me telling you my ethical opinions! I had been a vegetarian for years but i started to eat fish again when I dedicated myself to loosing weight over the summer, in order to ensure a healthy level of protein intake. Therefore, before making my decision I did lots of research on foods that ensure protein intake but are vegan friendly! 

Here are some of the healthy swaps I will be making and sorts of foods I will be eating. I will also be posting Vegan recipes, such as for some very tasty breakfast muffins tomorrow!! 

The staples:

Milk: almond, soya or coconut milk.

Protein shakes: most big brands do vegan alternatives.

Butter: some supermarket brands are starting to make vegan butters, or almond/cashunut butter but I prefer coconut oil. 

Cheese: soya cheese and soya cheese spread.

Meat/fish: Tofu and vegan quorn products.

Yoghurt: soy or cocnut yoghurt.

Treats: dairy free vegan chocolate and popcorn.

Nuts and seeds of course my favourite peanut butter!! 

Instead of toast: toasted rye bread, low fat crackers (rice crackers for example) or oatmeal.

Grains, beans and pulses:

Baked/kidney/black/soy/all types of beans, brown rice, lentils, bulgur, buckwheat, tempeh, chickpeas, whole-grain barley, couscous, quorn and quinoa.

Even though I have done lots of research I am new to the vegan world so would be really happy with any comments, enjoy your evening,

Abs xox