Hello my name is Abs, I am a student from England, and I have created my Blog in order to Inspire, Motivate and Connect 🙂249ea109-ec1e-4d4c-96af-66c7fd20a671

A bit about me

I have decided to start a blog because over the summer (4 months), with hardwork and determination I was able to loose 2 stone and two pounds. At the start of the summer my BMI put me in the overweight category, I felt sluggish all the time, my clothes did’nt fit, and my diet was high fat, high carb and high sugar. During my weightloss journey I tried out a mixture of dieting techniques, gym routines, homeworkouts and general lifestyle choices. My main source of inspiration was blogs online, because i found it so helpful to follow other peoples journeys, because changing your lifestyle is all about staying motivated!! When looking to the internet for fitness and health support, you have to take it with a pinch of salt! Because for every good post there is possibly 100 not so helpful ones, and some of the information out there is unhealthy and in some cases dangerous. Therefore, on my blog I aim to post daily inspiration for anyone keep to listen, and will be blogging about the healthy methods i used to loose weight and improve my lifestyle. Which I can positively say has left me feeling happy, confident and full of energy!

Be confident, be happy, Abs xox