It’s pancake day tomorrow! 

In preparation for pancake day tomorrow I tried out a vegan pancake recipe, with healthy toppings, here is the ingredients below:

200g self raising flour

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

Enough soya milk to make the mixture thin

And cooked in vegan vegetable spread.

I topped my pancakes with sliced fruit and almond butter. 

Happy pancake day for tomorrow!! 


“What actually is that though?”

In light of my recent veganism, my diet has definitely changed and I have been trying lots of new foods. For example, depicted bellow is a standard meal for me; cous cous, tofu, veg and humous.  I also am also a liquorish fanatic, and I frequently get asked stuff like “I know that’s liquorish, but what actually is that though?” Therefore, I have put together some facts to answer questions that you prehaps have, or have possibly never thought of. 

1. What is tofu? 

Tofu is condensed soy milk, squished into white blocks.

2. What is liquorish? 

Actual liquorish flavouring is from the root of the Glycyrrhiza glabra plant (what a mouthful). But the squishy stuff you can buy from health food shops is made up of Molasses syrup, wheat flour and the root extract. 

3. What is Quorn? 

Quorn contains mycoprotein which is derived from fungus (yum) and can be grown by fermentation on garbage basically (extra yum) which is sustainable I guess. 

4. What is Quinoa 

Firstly, for my own benefit you pronounce quinoa like keen-wa, bit of a personal reminder since I always pronounce it horribly wrong. Anyway, quinoa is actually the starchy seeds of a plant in the goosefoot family. Quinoa is also a super crop because its totally awesome and contains all of the essential amino acids and has a really long list of health benefits. 
I hope you have enjoyed learning some food facts, yay learning fun. Have a nice day

Abs xox

Do I do cardio on leg and arm day? 

Those of you who know me well, will know that I absolutely love cardio! I think its amazing, it gives you time to think, make plans, listen to music, release endorphins, sweat out toxins and keep you healthy all the the same time! However in my gym routine I still make time for leg and bum day, and arm, chest and back day. During these sessions I still make time for some light cardio, not only because cardio is awesome but I find it gives you time to stretch out, refocus and plan the rest of the session or make alterations in your set. That is another thing I would like to mention, my sessions are never set in stone and my sets are always flexible and depend on how i’m feeling that day. Theres no point pushing a muscle group too far and pulling muscles or over exerting yourself! Therefore, on leg and arm day, I do 10 minutes, with interval sprints on the rowing machine to really warm up, and then every few excercises or inbetween the use of the weight machines, I do 3-5 minutes again on the rowing machine and then 5 minutes to cool down at the end, followed by stretching of course! 

I hope I have thoughly answered my question 🙂 please don’t hesitate anyone to ask me more 🙂

Be Confident be happy

Abs xox 

Are body shapes fashionable?

Hello everyone, this weeks point of discussion is fashion trends in relation to body shapes. While growing up it seemed that a boyish, tall very slender physique was fashionable, however, nowadays everyone seems to be striving for a large behind and a tiny waist! Even though it is possible to focus on a certain muscle groups in the gym , it is important to remember that everyone has their own unique natural body type. For example, for me personally it seems that no matter how often I do leg day or however many squats I do, I will never get a Kardashian style behind and that is because I naturally have very low levels of fat deposit in that area and it seems hard to build up that muscle group. On the other-hand, after loosing a bit of weight, I quite easily obtained a thigh gap, this was not because I was starving myself or loosing muscle on my quads, but a result of my naturally wide hips, making my leg bones quite far apart. Therefore, you should focus on getting in shape and healthy, for your own natural body type and remember that most celebrities with large boobs and bum may have undergone plastic surgeries! I may not be able to beat Nicki Minaj in a twerking competition but I feel strong and healthy, and could probably beat her in a running race. In the gym try not to obsess over working one muscle group or doing one activity, chances are you will over work the muscle group, and rest is needed for the muscle strain to repair and grow anyway. Try to switch up your activities and have fun, for instance try doing cardio with a friend and have a catch up while you work out, you might not necessarily be working as intensely as an individual session but its healthy to socialise and motivate each other. To finish I would like to give you some motivation of my own with a lil before and after…..


Be confident, Be happy

Abs xox