Becoming a Vegan 

​As of this week I have finally decided to become a vegan after weaning myself of dairy gradually as I do not agree with the dairy industry’s methods ect ect. However this blog post is not dedicated to me telling you my ethical opinions! I had been a vegetarian for years but i started to eat fish again when I dedicated myself to loosing weight over the summer, in order to ensure a healthy level of protein intake. Therefore, before making my decision I did lots of research on foods that ensure protein intake but are vegan friendly! 

Here are some of the healthy swaps I will be making and sorts of foods I will be eating. I will also be posting Vegan recipes, such as for some very tasty breakfast muffins tomorrow!! 

The staples:

Milk: almond, soya or coconut milk.

Protein shakes: most big brands do vegan alternatives.

Butter: some supermarket brands are starting to make vegan butters, or almond/cashunut butter but I prefer coconut oil. 

Cheese: soya cheese and soya cheese spread.

Meat/fish: Tofu and vegan quorn products.

Yoghurt: soy or cocnut yoghurt.

Treats: dairy free vegan chocolate and popcorn.

Nuts and seeds of course my favourite peanut butter!! 

Instead of toast: toasted rye bread, low fat crackers (rice crackers for example) or oatmeal.

Grains, beans and pulses:

Baked/kidney/black/soy/all types of beans, brown rice, lentils, bulgur, buckwheat, tempeh, chickpeas, whole-grain barley, couscous, quorn and quinoa.

Even though I have done lots of research I am new to the vegan world so would be really happy with any comments, enjoy your evening,

Abs xox 


3 thoughts on “Becoming a Vegan 

  1. Nice 🙂

    Vegan food options have come a long. The food tastes amazing, and its really good for us.

    I appreciate your blog –

    Check out my blog and follow if you like 🙂


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