Frozen Yoghurt Flowers  

Hiya guys, I today i’d like to share with you one of my favourite healthy desserts, it tastes good, has a added surprise inside, and is super easy to make!

You will need:

1 banana

Yoghurt of any variety

80% Dark chocolate

Toppings of your choice, coconut flakes, dried fruit ect.

A freezer!

And possibly a silicon mould if you are feeling fancy

Step 1:

Cut up your banana, and melt the chocolate in a bowel, I also crushed up some pecan nuts at this stage. Use a folk to roll your banana in the chocolate, coating the piece, then dip in crushed pecan pieces. Lie the banana pieces on a plate covered in clingfilm then freeze for 15 minutes.

Step 2:

Take the pieces out of the freezer and gently lift them off the plate. Pour half of your yoghurt mixture into either a tray or silicone mould, then drop a chocolate banana piece in. Next, coat the banana with the other half of the yoghurt. Sprinkle your toppings and freeze over night, so they are ready to eat the next day!

I used alpro soya vanilla yoghurt for some, and dairy free coconut yoghurt for the others, using the topping of coconut flakes, let me know the combinations you try, I would love to try them too!

Be Confident, Be Happy

Abs xox



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