Does it matter what you look like when you workout? 

I hope this picture of me pre-workout and post raiding my fancy dress box answers the question with a massive NO!

At the start of summer, I found myself so concerned with what I looked like, what I was wearing and my weight when I worked out, that it actually ended up hindering my progress. The first problem I encountered is that of make-up, I found that wearing a full face of makeup initially gave me some confidence but, ultimately it ended up clogging my pores, and my mascara ran down my face, making me look like a clown! Now when I work out I try to go bare faced as much as possible because rather than being concerned about whether my makeup is smudged, I can focus more on improving my personal bests. My second problem was being concerned about what I was wearing, sometimes the best looking outfits arn’t necessarily the most comfortable. I would suggest wearing whatever you feel comfortable working out in, and something that doesn’t restrict your movement, whether thats a baggy t-shirt and trackies or a sports bra and shorts. In fact, some of my favourite workout wear is unbranded, a logo isn’t going to bring you progress, hardwork is! My final concern was sweat patches!!! A subject that seems to be very hush hush. I used to be so paranoid about getting sweat patches to the point that I would restrict my cardio workouts or not finish a session. Now I have learnt to embrace them,after all   they are a symbol of how hard I am working. You can always stick to black workout wear, or breathable fabrics. Just remember that itdoesn’t  matter what you look like when you workout, because doing exercise is just the journey and chances have it that everyone else in the gym is feeling the same way you are, and therefore too preoccupied to be thinking about what you look like. If my tips have not been any help, just remember that I do loads embarrassing stuff at the gym all the time, such as tripping over my own feet, falling over when I try new exercises, I even managed to get my shorts caught on a machine the other day!

Be Confident, Be Happy

Abs xox



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